Greenkeeper's Corner

Jimena Blanco, Head Greenkeeper: Agricultural Technical Engineer from the University of Salamanca. Holder of a degree in “Turfgrass Management” from Michigan State University. Extensive experience in lawn maintenance with regenerated water.

An ambitious renovation of the course has been undertaken in recent years, making it more advanced, more competitive and more sustainable. For this reason, it is essential for the greenkeeper to be familiar with the surroundings and apply the most accurate and respectful techniques. The golf course is like a living being and as such it is constantly changing. This is why our head greenkeeper Jimena Blanco and her team go out on the course every day to listen to it, take care of it and pamper it.

21 may

llebeig close for maintenance

gregal and mestral open

  • Greenes speed (balls)

    8.5 feet
  • Cutting height

    2,8 mm